Welcome to ELF Custom Cables! ELF Custom Cables was founded by Ernest Lee Farley III (hence the acronym ELF) in 2003. I started off by making custom silver cables (Silver Surfer and Silver Signature) and selling them on audiogon and eBay. Success was huge and I looked to improve my designs. I later discovered the positive sound qualities of gold and created Clairvoyant Cables. I created the worlds first GPOCC (gold plated OCC) copper cables. I am the only manufacturer of GPOCC wire. Any company that claims to use gold plated OCC conductors buys the wire from me. As of lately I decided to focus on the company (ELF Custom Cables) that started it all for me and put all of my efforts into one company. Clairvoyant Cables is now  a product line of ELF Custom Cables. Take a look around...I'm sure you'll find something that interests you and if not shoot me an email and maybe I can make a custom cable for you. All cables are hand made to order and turn around is 7-10 days on most orders. I offer a 30 day return policy on all cables (except custom orders). Trade-ins are always welcomed. Let me know what you have and lets make a deal!